Aberdeen-based carbon capture firm CCU International has landed a six-figure deal with a group led by consumer good multinational Unilever and the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI).

CCU International CEO Beena Sharma

The start-up, which is focused on carbon capture and utilisation, will supply its patented refinement system to Flue2Chem, a consortium focused on demonstrating how the UK could cut 15-20 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Flue2Chem is a collaboration of 15 business, universities and non-governmental organisations – led by Unilever and SCI –  which received £2.68m in grant funding from the UK Government’s Innovate UK research arm.

CCU International launched its carbon capture and refinement system last year as part of a spinout from Sheffield University, capturing mixed gas emissions from flue stacks and refining them for utilisation.

From there, the CO2 can be used to create products such as aggregates for construction, sustainable transport and aviation fuels and commodity chemicals.

Under the contract, CCU International will provide a one-tonne a day capture system, which will form part of a wider system turning industrial waste gas into alternatives sources of carbon.

Following the launch of its funding round in November, CCU International is now kicking off manufacturing of its “game-changing” technology.