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Next Generation Carbon Capture Technology

Dramatically reducing current greenhouse gas emissions is essential to slow global warming and help achieve global net zero targets. CCU International’s carbon capture technology provides a solution by capturing gases directly from flue and chimney stacks, and ensuring it is not emitted into the atmosphere.

CCU International’s patented carbon capture technology has been developed over the past 6 years with the first pilot system build completed in 2022.

The Carbon Capture system can be programmed to capture varied purities of CO2 to cater for different downstream processes that require different purities of CO2.

How does our technology work?

The process captures mixed gas emissions directly from flue stacks and passes them through a multiple step process involving pressurisation through a unique silica gel.

The system is depressurised to vent out first stage gases except CO2. Vented gases such as nitrogen can be used to generate power via a turbine, or even help run the pressurisation process in the carbon capture rig. Further energy recovery can be obtained from the heat generated during pressurisation.

The previous depressurisation stage is carried out a number of times to ensure mainly CO2 remains – where it is collected for storage or utilisation.

Our Carbon Capture Technology:

  • Patented Technology – The next generation of carbon capture systems
  • Compact Design – Small footprint means it can be used on more compact applications and can be deployed almost anywhere
  • Cost-effective – Unique design reduces CAPEX and OPEX. Lifetime costs are therefore lower than traditional technology
  • Scalable Technology – Solutions can be designed for every company, large or small, to ensure we maximise CO2 capture. Simply add more modules to capture more CO2
  • High or Low Enrichment of CO2 – Applications for utilisation of captured and purified CO2 is wide and varied
  • High Quality Build – We build our systems to meet the highest quality ensuring our technology operates to the highest standards
  • Sophisticated Monitoring – Every aspect of our systems require detailed second-by-second analysis to ensure we capture the highest volume of CO2
  • Low Energy – All our systems are designed to be run off renewable energies

Our carbon capture technology solution serves any industry or process that emits CO2 these include the following:

Oil and Gas







Anaerobic Digestion

Captured and refined CO2 can be utilised to make useful products such as:

Purified Carbon Dioxide Gas
Aviation Fuels

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is commonly used as a raw material in different industries including oil & gas, nuclear power plants, fire extinguishing systems, carbonated beverages, inflating life rafts and life jackets, refrigeration, medical treatments and many more.

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