Next Generation Carbon Capture Technology

The winner of the AccelerateHER Environment Award 2023 :

Beena Sharma – Carbon Capture Utilisation

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Carbon Capture and Utilisation Solutions

There has never been a better time for carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) deployment. Now more than ever it is clear that carbon capture is essential if we are to address the climate crisis and reach our shared climate goals. Carbon capture will be a key technology in achieving net zero by 2050 (2045 in Scotland) and beyond.

CCU International:

  • Provide patented technology that captures carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial emissions.
  • Have technology that has been designed to support companies both large and small.
  • Provide systems to capture CO2 from 300kg/day to 100’s tonnes/day.
  • Provide systems that process the captured CO2 which can be re-used in industrial processes by converting it into, for example, plastics, concrete, or biofuel.

Carbon Capture – A Key Technology in Achieving Net Zero by 2050

Watch the video for an overview on how our technology works, it’s applications and how captured CO2 can be utilised.

Patented Technology

The next generation of carbon capture systems

Compact Design

Small footprint means it can be used on more compact applications


Unique design reduces CAPEX and OPEX – lifetime costs are lower than traditional technology

Scalable Technology

Solutions can be designed for every company, large or small, to ensure we maximise CO2 emissions capture

High or low
CO2 enrichment 

Applications for utilisation of captured and purified CO2 is wide and varied

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